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The Captive Series by Erica Stevens Renegade (The Captive #2) . [ + ] The Captive Series Bundle Books - Erica Erica Stevens (Auteur) Paru en mai (ePub) en anglais. The Captive . Captured Renegade Refugee Salvation Redemption Broken Vengeance Unbound. Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html Erica Stevens is the author of the Captive Series, Coven Series, Kindred Series, Fire.

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Renegade Erica Stevens Epub

Erica Stevens is the author of the Captive Series, Coven Series, Kindred Series, Fire & Ice Series, cover image of Renegade (The Captive Series Book 2). Edited by Leslie Mitchell at G2 Freelance Editing and re-released 3/14/ Though she is free of the palace, rescued from her position as a blood slave, Aria is. Books Download Refugee The Captive Series Book 3 (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Erica Stevens Online Full Collection.

Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! See if you have enough points for this item. Though she is free of the palace, rescued from her position as a blood slave, Aria is haunted by the memories of her time spent within the fortress, tormented by memories of Braith, the prince that betrayed her and shattered her heart. Every day is a struggle to get through, and the only solace she can find is with Max, her best friend, and fellow captive. Max doesn't understand her bond to Braith, but he knows some of what she endured.

Her world is thrown into a tailspin again though when a marauding group of vampires destroy the caves she had found temporary shelter in. Scattered about the forest, seeking to stay hidden and find her family, Aria is stunned when Braith, the monster that savaged her heart, reappears.

Erica stevens renegade epub to pdf

Stunned by his sudden arrival in her world, Arianna is uncertain if he has come to recapture her, or to kill her for daring to escape. Refugee The Captive 3 Whispers, rumors, and horror stories abound about The Barrens and the strange creatures that lurk within them. Though he once knew the powerful vampires that are rumored to reside within The Barrens, he is unsure what to expect if they succeed in finding them. He will do whatever is necessary though to ensure a future for himself and Aria.

She is fascinated and amazed by the world they uncover within, one that is unlike anything she has ever seen before.

Arctic Fire (The Fire and Ice Series, Book 2)

It will be her. Salvation The Captive 4 Imprisoned by Caleb and at the mercy of the king, Aria is determined not to let them break her. Fighting against the darkness which threatens to drag him into its tempting depths, Braith struggles not to become like the one thing he hates the most, his father. Faced with their own separate challenges, Aria and Braith must come to terms with who they are, what they want, and the likelihood that they can never be together as the inevitable war looms on the horizon.

A war that all of them will fight but not all of them will survive. Having left the palace behind in order to ensure that the outer towns are obeying the new laws, Jack struggles to come to terms with the grief and haunting memories that drove him from the palace in the first place.

That is, until he encounters Hannah. Growing up in the small town of Chippman, Hannah had long ago accepted the fact that she would never leave it. Knowing that Jack will reject her if he learns the truth about her, Hannah struggles to fight her growing attraction to him. Secrets that have forced the town to live under the rule of the one man that could tear Jack and Hannah apart forever.

Renegade Erica Stevens by tumbgertoge - Issuu

Broken The Captive 5. This book is set in the past but it is not meant to be a historical novel. At twenty-five, Atticus is the last surviving member of the most powerful line of vampires, and is known as a prince amongst his kind. Ways that will forever alter the course of his life, the lives of all those around him, and the history of the world. With his life shattered and an all-consuming thirst for revenge the only thing keeping him going, he is left with only one realization… Sometimes what rises from the ashes of a broken man, is a monster.

The glass mirrors, with numerous beer logos etched into them, rattled against the wall. The Budweiser clock with the prancing Clydesdales swung back and forth like a pendulum, threatening to fall at any second.

Hey, watch the merchandise! His scowl deepened, but before he could say anything, another vampire lunged at him. That had to have tickled, and not in a good way. Quinn nibbled at the ridged chocolate edge, making a circle around the cup as she watched the melee before her. She had to admit, watching him fight caused butterflies to flit through her stomach.

He was so strong and powerful, and she loved the way those thick muscles rippled as he moved. She had to fight the urge to lick her lips. The impulse had nothing to do with the chocolate lingering on her mouth and everything to do with the way he heaved that one across the floor with barely a flick of his wrist.

The vamps had still barely looked at her as all of their concentration remained focused on Julian. Leisurely, she pulled the chocolate top off the peanut butter cup after she finished eating the sides. He deserves a good smack upside the head. Just as she thought it, one of the vamps landed a solid blow to his temple. Blood dripped from between his fingers when he tore the heart free and crushed it in his hand. She winced again.

She would survive whatever the world threw at her next. Quinn turned the cup over and pulled off the bottom layer of chocolate as Julian took another punch to a place no man should be hit. His face flushed red; he doubled over as he covered his nuts. Kind of like shutting the barn door after the horse is out. As one of the vamps grabbed a broken stool leg from the ground, she half rose out of her chair, prepared to kill him if it became necessary.

The vamp shook his head before launching back to his feet. Watch the glasses! Quinn protested before sliding back into her chair.

Both his arms shot out at the same time, crashing through the chests of the vampires lunging toward him. With a vicious curse, he ripped their hearts from their chests and stomped them into the ground. Quinn rolled the remaining peanut butter into a ball and popped it in her mouth before rising to her feet and wiping her hands on her apron.

Julian wiped his hands down the front of his blood-splattered, body-hugging, midnight blue shirt. The cut of his shirt showed off his broad shoulders and chiseled stomach.

Did you enjoy the show? She opened the closet door beside the bathroom and pulled out the cleaning supplies. You deserved it. They almost castrated me, he muttered as he stared woefully at his groin.

She held the steam mop out to him. And you deserved it for pushing me to the side like that. His hand wrapped around the plastic handle of the steam mop.

His white-blond hair hung against the corner of an eye as blue as the arctic ice. His broad cheekbones, square jaw, and magnificent features made her stomach do summersaults; her deadened heart gave a little leap when her gaze fell to his mouth. Stop it, she scolded herself. Her mouth went completely dry at his words; she felt she should be pissed about the confidence behind his statement, but how could she be when it was the truth?

She intended to learn every inch of his firm body, when she was ready. It took all she had to sniff at him before turning away. Admit it, that just got you all hot and bothered, he coaxed. She forced herself to scowl at him over her shoulder, even though she loved the playfulness in his eyes. And proud of it. I did all the work with these guys, and you expect me to clean up the mess?

She planted her hands on her hips as she glared at him.

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Quinn bit her inner lip to keep from laughing as he placed the mop against the wall and bent to lift one of the bodies over his shoulder. She walked over to one of the others. The paler blue band encircling his pupils darkened in color.

The turquoise flecks in that band danced in the light. Yes, I have. I spent my entire life in hiding from Hunters, Guardians, The Commission, and vampires.

Now, I only have the vampires to worry about; I think those are much better odds. His gaze never wavered from hers. There is nothing more lethal than a desperate vamp. A muscle in his jaw jumped. Vampires en masse, Quinn.