TV Repair Tips V LCD TV Repair Tips & Case Histories LCD/LED & 3D TV. Recommended Troubleshooting & Repairing Guide: V –LED & LCD TV. you for all. TVs use LED back or side lighting and do not have a large bulky back light and do LCD TV Power Supply (IP BOARD) Schematic Diagram &. Collection of LCD LED TV Repair Tips V - Kent - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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    Led Tv Repair Pdf

    7. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. Additional information of the manual. Viewing the owner's manual. The owner's manual in PDF file format is supplied. TV Repair Tips · V LCD TV Repair Plasma TV Repair Guide- · Display Fault . The Standby voltage can be verified by observing the front panel LED, if it is. To repair a defective copper pattern at IC connections use the following procedure to This specification is applied to the LED LCD TV used LD01A chassis. 2.

    You cannot give this E-book away for free. You do not have the rights to redistribute this E-book. Copyright All Rights Reserved Warning! You cannot alter, change, or repackage this document in any manner. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author cannot assume any responsibility for any loss, injury, errors, inaccuracies, omissions or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Please be careful as all electrical equipment is potentially dangerous when dismantled. Any perceived slights of policy, specific people or organizations are unintentional. The author and publisher of this E-book and the accompanying materials have used their best efforts in preparing this program. The authors and publisher make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this program. They disclaim any warranties expressed or implied , merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The reader is expressly warned to consider and adapt all safety precautions that might be indicated by the activities here in and to avoid all potential hazards. By following the instructions contained herein, the reader willingly assumes all risks in connection with such instructions. The authors and publisher shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. As always, the advice of a competent legal, tax, accounting or other professional should be sought. Any unauthorized use of this material is prohibited.

    If the voltages for pins 4 and 5 are missing or not correct in the Power On state, the problem is likely the Bluetooth module. For other brands and model TV with Bluetooth Module, their troubleshoot method is nearly same like this repair tips.

    So you can using this tip as a reference. After that using the PSU self test methods to make sure that is working properly or not, if not then replace it. Picture 1 shows the problem: Red solarisation on the bottom of the screen. The left side does not show the problem.

    What should you consider? This is shown in Picture 2. Notice that in service mode, the right side is all Red, showing you that the signal source is not the problem. This leaves three items as the probable cause: It was not closing tightly enough. Putting hand pressure on the connector there caused the problem to come and go. So try to using the strong tape or silicon glue to fix the connector and prevent it loose again. So the TV problem was solved.

    Before that. Checking or replace the T-con. If the lines are still in the Picture Test. If the lines are gone.

    lcd television repair ebook

    If the lines do not appear. If the lines appear in the Picture Test. If the lines appear in the OSD Menu. If the lines are gone with different video signal input. But most of the time. If the lines are still over the OSD Menu. Try to call out the OSD Menu. Most of the time is their FPC cable contact pins dirty. The Screen One Side is Darker than the other. After clean the screen problem solved. If one side is darker than the other. If the OSD Menu is fine. If the line is gone. If the vertical line is still behind the OSD Menu.

    Or try to use the finger to touch or knock the top cover of that line position. If the line can missing randomly.

    Entering Factory Mode: If setting the Option Byte settings does not correct the problem. See the illustrations below: Sound is normal. Inverter Board Part Code: Suspect their CCFL lamp defective. This will happen several times.

    Some of the settings. These defects are often not immediately obvious and may be discovered by the customer days after the repair. After 2 seconds. Whenever you replace a main board or lcd panel. Use the CCFL tester to testing the lamps.

    Option Bytes mainly match the correct drive to the panel. After that TV Shutdown. When Power On the TV. When checking their front button. The TV owner said this TV has water by his children. Use the alcohol to cleaning these buttons. The inverter board 24V input voltage also OK. HV Transformer and caps all are OK. Power on the TV and it is working properly. Try to re-program their flash memory but no help. So the problem looks like is the inverter board.

    Try to re-programmer their firmware. BGA type or the crystal X So suspect the TV is their firmware corrupted. So the last suspect is maybe their Main Chipset U Use the ISP Programmer. Replace the crystal X Try to using the Remote Control or front button also not working at all. When testing this TV, after about 1 hours, the sound will randomly on and off, after that totally no sound.

    Because of this TV after warm up the problem will occur, and then suspect that Main board Audio section has component sensitive with heat increase. Try to using the Hair Dryer to shoot to the Main board Audio section and found that just using about 10 minutes, the TV no sound symptom occur.

    So confirm that the Audio section is the causing this symptom. After the hair dryer shooting to Audio section, it is slowly drop to 0V and the sound gone!

    Use hair dryer to concentrate shooting on this circuit and found one SMD capacitor C 1uF leakage and sensitive in heat increase. After replace this cap, the TV no sound problem solved! So trace these two lines to the Tuner section and found that Tuner socket got two pins was shorted.

    After re-solder these two pins, this TV problem solved! But they are never provided more details or information about the TV. So that you need to know about these:. After that, power on the TV to look at their symptom is it same describe as the customer complaint.

    If the TV problem same as the customer describe, so we can start to check the TV now. If the TV symptom is different than what customer describe, then we need to call the customer first before proceed it. When an abnormally occurs in TV, the self test protection circuit will operate and reset the unit to standby mode. So their TV. LED light blinking 1 times then stop 2 seconds and continue to blinking 1 times.

    But not all the service manual will show their error chart. So you need to search other nearest model service manual to compare with it. They are: Or you need to do the components level repair. So you need to check their PSU board first. If not. For the Power Supply Board. The Power Supply board will generate several output DC voltage supply in their secondary side and supply it to Main board. For example: TV Tuner. But it can divide to 4 parts: These signals can driving the LCD Panel to working and generate the complete display in the screen.

    Tuner Vcc and all analogue and digital circuits use. At the same time.

    Tv telefunken lcd

    This is a very important section in Main board. CPU Vcc. CPU core power. This section will received the voltage supply from the Power Supply board and generate the appropriate DC voltage to other system use. After that. CPU and the Front Panel board. The TV is in the Standby Mode now. After press the power on switch button in Front Panel board or remote control. Finally the TV can show the display now.

    If the Vac or Vac appear. If you think your skill is not enough to do that. If not you need to check the AC plug main switch is press ON or not. If it is appear Vac or Vac. If you have learned the V3. If their Standby voltage 5V is appear but other voltages are no output then you need to check the Main board and the Front Panel board. But the actual situation is we need to know the PSU board has output all the voltages correctly. So that still need to checking the PSU board secondary side output voltages is normal and stable or not.

    Check the power cord and the fuse also. AV section and etc. If these signals appear. If the Vcc voltage appear typically it is 12V or 5V. So that we can confirm it ImagineX ElectronicS. So replace a working T-con board to give it a try. Regarding this type of symptom. In this case. If not appear. If want to do the components level repair. If not stable or abnormal. For example the HDMI section. For this symptom. With this tool. Besides the FPC cable. So just replace the T-con board and the problem solved.

    This type of problem is same as the 3 a. Because some repairer after they replace the T-con board and solved this type of problem. If you need to do the components levels repair. For this type of TV symptom.

    The above information is just for the repairers who want to repair the TV in board levels repair only. This type of TV problem. This type of symptom is causing by their Main board firmware setting or firmware corrupted. I had checking their voltage outputs properly and values are stable too.

    Some repairer may said. But after download a new Main board to replace it. The Main board problem like: From the above TV symptoms.. For the DC-DC circuit. So what will cause the CPU not working or working abnormal except the voltage input not correct or not stable?

    Or try to replace the crystal and give it a try. For example the 1. For some repairer. But most of the repairer after doing step No. If a bit different voltage values. So the acceptable voltage values for 1. If the Ripple Voltage is below 10mV. The Flash Memory voltage input also same too. So the TV repairer will think this output voltage is ok and can be trusted Because of the Multimeter and Oscilloscope not detect any abnormal values or waveform there.

    After you learn this tip. But from lots of the Main board repair case. The values of that capacitor should be same or a bit more capacitance than the old one.

    So just replace the old electrolytic capacitor in the circuit with a new one. But the TV screen is always no display. After open the rear cover. When the backlight lit about 10 seconds. Below is the voltage output value of this Main board: PSU board and the backlight system are working properly! So confirm that the problem was in TV Main board. The steps to checking the TV Main board are: But TV problem still the same and no change!

    When checking the Crystal. The Reset Circuit is operating properly. So continue to checking the CPU reset circuit and the crystal waveform.

    So suspect this Y1 crystal 12MHz is failure and tries to replace it with a new one.

    This Vref voltage is about 0. These Control signals are: Make sure these signals are reach to the CPU there. The Clock signal like: Also check their control signals and the clock signals in between to CPU there. WE and CS. After checking all these signals and the voltage inputs. Sometime these signals will break in half way. One more thing. I highly recommend to backup their old firmware first before replace it with the new one.

    The last remaining is replacing the DDR Ram. CPU or just replaces a new Main board.

    Finally this TV problem solved! Starting now. It will save your time and the money too! The other ceramic capacitors all looks like good. If all voltage outputs normal and stable. When the problems occur. Finally this TV problem was solved. This TV even burn test several days. When the TV auto shutdown. But the problems still same. But some time it can work properly! Even try the repair tip procedure on 1 above. So this is an exception case of the Main board problem. The front LED light will flashing Red.

    Green then Red again and non-stop or etc. Actually this problem is easy to solve. For more details on how to do that. Unless you change the Main board.

    Their Main board is ok. So this information is to let you know. Besides to using the Programmer to send data or firmware to memory IC. But some time it is difficult to do that.

    Actually all electronic component inside the PCB board. The 24C64 can replace 24C KOR and KS. Write Protect have two kinds of method to connect it. And it can work very well.

    The 24C08 can replace 24C04 and 24C Please make sure that it is using the same IC packages. Because some different packages.

    But the 24C32 cannot replace 24C For more details. The 24C can replace 24C64 and 24C PCF pin7 need to connect to ground.

    Actually it is using the part number or calls it as marking code. Besides the DIP packaging. N8 24CS If the number is different. Also make sure that the pins are same. So recommend to read their IC datasheet to compare it first before replace it. They are many type of the flash memory use in the Main board.

    MX25Lxxx series. A25xxx series. Most of the TV and Monitor Main board flash memory manufacturers are: Chingis Technology Corp. But in this chapter. They are many flash memory manufacturers in the market now. ShangHai Fudan Microelectronics: So we can use the W25X16 16Mbit to replace it. Or use the EN25F Because of this flash memory EN25T80 density is just 8Mbit only.

    Vcc input voltage and their pins configuration. Actually to find the substitute flash memory IC you must follow these rules and successfully to replace it. So the Main board firmware is missing half of the data and cause the firmware corrupt. Not recommend to use 64Mbit or Mbit to replace it. Default Lock Protection series and so on. And other information like the type of flash memory for original and the substitute flash memory.

    So for this type of Main board. Unique ID series. This issue is seldom happen. So that you can make sure their pins configuration and the Vcc voltage input are same. Actually the flash memory different to several types.

    EN25P10 M25P But make sure that fit the rules on how to substitute it. EN25Q64 M25P For international standard. This type of design. One of the reasons is. Brightness control. For the LED Driver.

    But their feature is the same. So the P-DIM signal functions like backlight dim control. This signal is use to control the Brightness levels for backlight system. When you see the screen in front of TV. If after changed cable position.

    If after changed cable position the TV a side has normal picture now. Remember below TV symptom. So it will affect the other LED light cannot work. If the LED Driver not shutdown the backlight. So just using a wire or jumper solder it in the open circuit LED light bulb as photo below.

    Just a simple method to repair this LED strip or block. Before checking the backlight system. I had one article mention it before at: These both signals are come from the TV Main board and their normal voltage should be: Also you need to measure the voltage supply Vcc to inverter board is normal and stable. Because when happen heavy shorted in the Inverter Board.

    This method also calls it as: And sometime. If not then re-solder it and try to power on the backlight to see the problem solved or not. Before replace. When checking the CCFL lamp. This is a very important step to prevent any burn or explode in the board.

    For the CCFL lamp problem. But make sure to carefully remove their metal shield and other parts to prevent any damage on the lcd panel glass. When the TV is shutdown the backlight after few seconds. For your information. So that you need to confirm the components in Inverter board is not shorted or leakage.

    Or remove the component connected to this pin. But it also divides to different aspect ratio DAR. The reason to replace it was because the LCD Panel is broken or damage. This method was wrote in V3. In this chapter. Actually the LCD Panel has two types. But their question is how can I replace it? Normally I will not recommend this method to the TV repairers who are: The important information we need to know for LCD Panel are: Inverter Board and the T-Con board. PSU board. This bit of marketing obfuscation is calculated as horizontal resolution x vertical resolution x 3 HxVx3.

    Normally it has 20 pins. Also have different channels for each bits. For the small inches LCD Panel. Each real pixel includes one subpixels for each of three colors. Standard Definition SD: TV turns off by itself. The lines are pixelated not solid or black. Install the Wall Mount Bracket on a sturdy vertical wall. The speakers on this led tv have no mounts. This tv was purchased in and broke 2 years later. I called Philips to explain the issue and they told me that there was nothing they can do since it is outside of the 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

    I have been facing this problem since the past month. Enjoy functional elegance and smart connectivity. Vertical or horizontal lines show up on the screen. Better still, its built-in Smart TV is easy to use - making it an excellent choice for effortless entertainment. I know it is 11 years old, but was working fine until this morning when smoke came billowing out.

    My led tv is broken and I fixed it. The reasons of these cases. If the tv is off and I turn it Got the UK version of the Samsung LED UED yesterday from Richer Sounds and last night after setting up it looks like there are 2 very faint vertical lines maybe about a cm think and looks cloudy , one near the left one near the middle the left hand one is more noticeable.

    Call Houston TV Repair and book your tv repair instantly! Don't go another day with a broken TV. It is not managed by iFixit staff. Most TV parts are replaceable. Wirelessly connect to movie services: Vudu, Netflix, and Film Fresh.

    Check the video cables. Best TV repairing shops near you for panel bonding of multi brands. A full image is created instantaneously, using the maximum resolution.

    I purchased a Philips 42 inch tv from Walmart in the summer of There is no video or sound or vice versa. While standard applications are handled with ease, it is especially suitable for graphical demanding applications.

    I successfully reset to factory settings once, and also updated the firmware to the latest Many times, the tv is turned on without the problem surfacing at all. Are you looking for best Led TV in India? Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. By Jack Burden, Editor. On certain channels, a thin blue line appears.

    Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. I have horizontal line at the top of the TV and it is showing double image of one person. Main faults of Philips TV. If the lines are gone, then a signal source is causing the problem. The contrast is exceptional, as is black uniformity and color reproduction. From time to time, my laptop screen gets all distorted. While you can upgrade your firmware yourself to eradicate vertical lines on your Philips LCD TV, the other problems that cause this issue aren't as easily solved.

    This is a samsung led 40" led tv. Also there have been a blue and red vertical lines on the rig … read more Take ur hand and pushes all around the tv frame bazel see if the veritical blue line react like flashes or lighter or darker,than this tv can not be repair at all because the LCD screen itself it is the caused,the LCD screen cost same as a new tv if it is require to be replace. There are horizontal sometimes vertical lines running across the screen that cast an opaque overlay on the screen.

    Frederik, a banker based in Zaltbommel, financed the purchase and setup of an empty factory building in Eindhoven, where the company started the production of carbon-filament lamps and other electro-technical products in By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.

    Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care. I have a Samsung 65 inch curved tv. Instead of sending a field comprising the odd lines to the screen first, followed by the field with the even lines, it writes both fields at the same time.

    Our T-Con Boards have an industry-leading warranty and come with a price beat guarantee! One line is dark blue, one lighter blue, a few pixels apart on left side only of display. If there are no reaction of the blue line at all than ur tv have a circuit board problem. For any faults to do with no picture on the screen at all, or coloured banding lines present on the screen either vertical or horizontal in orientation on the display screen.

    Ha una risoluzione Full HD e viene fornito con il sintonizzatore digitale incorporato in modo che non sia necessario un sintonizzatore aggiuntivo per guardare la TV digitale How to fix the vertical lines on my Samsung TV?

    The device does not respond to the remote control. Led Strip Lights 6. It mostly happens when the camera does a close up on someones face, such as an interview. Access over Apps from Pandora, Twitter, Facebook, and more.


    The TV does not turn on. We can help find out whether your TV is covered by warranty, and book a technician for service. LG TV not working?